Costs of environmental protection are key issues for oilfield operations. Efficiency, reliability and maximum performance are of the utmost importance.

The main concern in oilfield filtration is to prevent reservoir damage. Many contaminants can plug
off the reservoir/production zones during completion and water injection. INTEGRATED FLUID MANAGEMENT Ltd will protect the reservoir from contaminants, including bacteria, scale, clay, rust, etc.

Current environmental law are becoming more stringent and are aiming for zero discharge. Many waste treatment technologies will not meet the discharge levels of the future. INTEGRATED FLUID MANAGEMENT Ltd offers a zero discharge solution for the removal of all hydrocarbons

Completion Fluids

Clean completion fluids are essential to maximize the productivity of the producing reservoir.
Dirt particles in completion fluids have major effects on the permeability of the reservoir, which results in a significant reduction of the oil production and the lifetime of the producing well.
Clean completion fluids can only be obtained by using the right selection of filtration equipment and consumables. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filtration is the most effective method for filtration of oilfield brines. Our vertical pressure leaf filter unit or our filter press in combination with the Duplex cartridge filter unit have proved to be the ideal solution.

Seawater Intake

Clean seawater is used for various oilfield applications, i.e. Water injection,Cooling water intake, process water, ballast water, pre-filtration.Algae, sand, silt and other contaminants cause plugging
and damage to installation and processes.

INTEGRATED FLUID MANAGEMENT Ltd has complete systems that are specially designed for the high demands of the offshore industry. We also have units which are automatically self cleaning, guaranteeing a continuous flow without interruption, with a 100% cleaning of the filter element.


What is NTU?

Nephelometric Turbidity Unit)
NTU is a measurement of the clarity of the fluid.

Water containing 1 milligram of finely divided silica per liter has a turbidity of 1 NTU. Completion, work over, and stimulation fluids should be filtered to remove all particles larger than 2 micron.

Well Completion fluids Brines
Gravel pack fluids Work!over fluids
Bilge water Produced water
Waste water Stimulation fluids
Pre! filtration Seawater

INTEGRATED FLUID MANAGEMENT Ltd operates the newest in filtration technology, using DE Filter presses and Vertical Leaf Units and Absolute Cartridges for the final polish of your fluid offers a zero discharge solution for the removal of all hydrocarbons